Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday School: How to make a brag book

Hi everyone I hope you've had a great week and that you've got your brag book pages scrapped and you are now ready to put your brag book together. I am so excited to finally put my fathers day brag book together.  The pages have turned out so cute.  If you haven't already created your pages then check out Andrea's Mini Memories Brag Book Template Pack to get you off to a speedy start.  

I know lots of people are a little frightened to try their hand at hybrid.  I don't do that many projects and consequently I really don't have stacks of gorgeous resources and expensive equipment.  However you don't need all of that to create a simple and beautiful gift.  

Part 2 - How to create a hybrid brag book
You will need:
1. Print out your pages on to good quality photo paper. I use the Epson Matte paper because I like the way my print finish looks on here and it is also nice and stiff for the pages. You need to print out three plain paper pieces too for the inside of your front cover and the two sides of the back cover. Play with your printer settings until you achieve the print out you are happy with. It is best to unselect high speed and select the best photo options.
2. Cut all of your pages out using either a guillotine or a cutting board and steel rule, this is my preferred method because you can be more precise and not leave thin white strips around the edge of your layout as can happen when you cut out with a guillotine.
3. Cut two pieces of chipboard or thick card stock (17.78cm x 12.7cm) for your front and back cover. 
4. Ink the edges of your chipboard so that they blend in with the colour of your cover layouts. I do not have any craft inks so I achieve the same effect using a felt tipped colouring pen.
5. Now glue your front cover onto your chipboard, try to use a glue that allows you the opportunity to slide your paper layout into position on the chipboard. Repeat this with the plain pieces of paper for the inside of your front cover and both sides of the back cover. If you get any over hangs trim them off with a craft knife and steel rule.
7. Next punch holes in your pages, these can go through the left side or the top edge.  I am doing mine through the top to create a flip style book that can stand on a desk. It is important to punch each page in exactly the same place to ensure that the pages line up nicely.  My hole punch has a guide to help me with this.
8. You can join the pages together with book rings purchased cheaply from a craft shop or by threading loose ribbon through the holes.  I am using two book rings.
9.  Cut lengths of ribbon to decorate the book rings, you can add buttons, craft flowers etc to your front cover.  Go with the design of your layout and see what looks best.  Have fun with it!
10. Finally add all your embellishments and your brag book is complete.
This flip style brag book can be left open to display your favourite photo page.
I used Trixie Scraps & Armina Designs beautiful kit Quality Time to produce this brag book
I hope you have fun creating this beautiful gift for your loved ones. 
Have a great week!

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  1. Emma, this is a gorgeous project! Thanks so much for showcasing my collab kit with Armina - I really love how your brag book turned out! :)

    Trixie Scraps