Thursday, 30 June 2011

GSO Thursday 6/30 and LAYOUT OF THE MONTH!

Hi again everybody, I'm coming to you from lovely Covington, Ohio while we are on a short vacation to visit my hubby's family. I have a few pages to show off to you for this week, and then...I will present you with our VERY FIRST LGF Layout of the Month! Let's do it! 

Here's what we wanted to show of from the galleries this week...

First up, this heartfelt layout from shawnbear about a rough afternoon for her cute little man. I love the grays and blues she used and how she journaled about a confusing and scary mom moment. She used a Caught in the Middle Template for this page.

Next, we have this feast for the eyes from lauramarie using a Just Four You template. The browns, reds, yellows and blacks together are a really cool combo and look GREAT on the page! She also has wonderful journaling about getting family photos that we can all relate to!

And finally, this fun page from ana carol made with a Now You See Me template. Look at those awesome photos! She used a great collection of papers and elements for this all-boy preteen page. 

Okay, those are our show-offs for this week. Now, having reviewed all the layouts we featured for the past four weeks, we would like to recognize one of them as a completely awesome use of a Little Green Frog template and an all-around incredible page. This page is crowned the Little Green Frog Layout of the Month, and the talented scrapper of this page is going to get an unbelievable prize from 8 DOLLAR COUPON for her store! 

 Dying to see which one it is???





I chose this SUPER creative layout called Dino Snack from scrappyt. Of course, the elements and alpha are ADORABLE, but what I love the most about her creativity here is that she used a Say it With Photos template and didn't use a single photo! She has little journaling blocks all over the page and has substituted paper blocks for the photo spots. She has tons of elements scattered all about, all brought together with that cool stitched square. AND, it's such a cool story she has scrapped!
This is exactly the kind of creativity Andrea's templates can bring out in YOUR scrapping! Congratulations, Trista, on having the LGF Layout of the Month! We will be sending you a pm with a code for your prize.


Okay ladies, come back again next Wednesday for another set of awesome LGF pages. Keep buying those templates and getting your pages up in the galleries. Still haven't had a SINGLE person take me up on my link-up request...we would love it if you created a page with an LGF template that you bought and came and left a comment in this blog post with a link to your creation. We want to see all the pages that are out there! 
See you next week!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

6/29 Sneak Peek Wednesday

Wow - it's already Wednesday ! Which means it's time for another sneak peek. I really enjoyed creating these packs and just wait till you see what my team have done with them on Friday !!
Be sure to come back here on Friday for the full reveal !

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Simona is in the Spotlight !

Hi everyone and welcome to another team spotlight. This time it's the turn of Simona (aka lightmistress). 

Here's what she had to say :
How did you get started and how long have you been digiscrapping? 
I started in January 2009. I wanted to prepare a special present for Valentine's Day to my bf and I happened to find out about digital scrapbooking. The present was a scrapbooked album of our first vacation together :)

What advice would you give someone just starting out digi-scrapping?
Don't be afraid to do mistakes. We all started from zero and have a lot to learn. Practice will sure make you as perfect as possible. Browse a lot of galleries to "steal" the secrets, shadows, clusters. Read tutorials. Jump in challenges.

On average, how much time do you spend scrapping each week? 
I'd say from 10 to 15 hours per week. I don't scrap during week-ends, those days off work are for my family only.

What are your scrapping strengths/weaknesses ?
Oh my! I don't think I have strengths! But I can tell you what I love doing: clusters! But I often exaggerate with stuff! My weaknesses are easy to say: I can't blend and I can't do extractions.
Who or what inspires you in the scrapping community? Any person or site in particular that you look to for inspiration?
I love browsing galleries and challenges at ScrapMatters mostly. As per persons, there are sure a lot that I eagerly stalk!

If you could have Andrea create a template pack just for you, what would it be and why?
One picture templates! I am mostly a single photo scrapper and when I lack of inspiration a template by Andrea would sure come handy!

What is your favorite LO you have ever done for Little Green Frog Designs?
Probably the last one! This template forced me to journal a little bit, which I do too rarely. And it just looks cute to me :)

Posted Image
What wish have you not yet fulfilled? 
Good question. I don't have real wishes, which means I am pretty lucky as I am, you know. But since I will soon move to another city, my wish is to find a new job as soon as possible. And after that, to adopt a couple kittens for my new house :) And then.. I wish I can keep travelling, a lot.
Did I say I had no wishes?

If you could spend a day with anyone (dead or alive, famous or not), who would it be and why ?
I know I might sound too sugar-y but I'd just love to spend any more days with my bf. We still live in separate cities so any extra day is just that precious to me.

If you were invisible for a day - what is the first thing you would do ?
This is a good question! I don't think I'd anything else than being visible. I could take a short flight somewhere for free and visit a new place! But then I'd need to be visible to do shopping.

Describe yourself in 4 words :
lil' shy (I talk to my cats more than I do to humans), emotional, nervous, sleeper

What bad habits do you have ?
I'm the most lazy (laziest?) person in the world.

For a peek at Simona's gorgeous pages - pop on over to her gallery HERE. Don't forget to leave her some love if you do :) I'll be back next Tuesday to introduce you to Christie. Kim is here on Thursday to announce the Layout of the Month winner - could it be YOU ?? There is still time to link us up to your pages using my templates - post your gallery link in the comments on last week's GSO post and we can check your page out !

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday School: Fonts

Hi everyone it's Emma here again to bring you another Sunday School.  This week I am focusing on fonts.  I don't know about you but I LOVE fonts! Fonts can really change the look and feel of a layout and I have developed a fairly extensive collection in the three years that I have been digi scrapping.  Although I know that sometimes I get stuck in a rut.  I forget to look through my font stash and I just turn to my tried and tested favourites when I am scrapping.  So today I wanted to focus on the different types of fonts out there and show case how Andrea's amazing CT have used fonts in their beautiful layouts.  
One of the most obvious uses for fonts on a scrapbook layout is for journaling.  We are scrapping our memories so it is important to tell the story behind the photos. By choosing the right font and putting it in the right place this text does not need to detract from our layouts rather it can enhance our artwork.
I love this photoless layout by Ashley she has chosen a handwriting font and by placing it on the lines on her paper it looks as though she could well have written on her page.
But you don't have to opt for a hand-written font Annisa chose a typed font for her layout I love the clean look she achieved with the linear bordered text.
Layout uses Double Trouble Template Pack from the For the Love of Photos Grab Bag
I love Jordan's journaling here the mix of font and word tags is fantastic.
Fonts work really well for title work too and it is here we can have lots of fun.
You can add interest to your page and fit a longer title in to a smaller space by mixing fonts with your alphas like Cara has here.
 Julie varied the size, style and opacity of her fonts to create this fantastic title.
Layout uses Double Trouble Template Pack from the For the Love of Photos Grab Bag
It can be fun to use fonts that look they have been written or painted using different mediums. I chose a brushed font for the title work in my layout.
You can use different styles, sizes and placement of fonts to create your own wordart just like Kim did for her fun page.
Choose a beautiful font and create an understated title like Simona.
I love how Melissa got really creative on her page and used a font to create a shaped wordart background for her precious photos.
I hope all these fantastic layouts have inspired you to search through your font stash and get creative with your words on your pages.  If you don't have many fonts the good news is that you can start building a fantastic collection today for free.  Here area few of my favourite font resources for you to check out.

You can get some of the most amazing handwriting fonts for free from Kevin and Amanda at Fonts for Peas
Kimberly Geswein has a great variety of free fonts on her blog Fonts with Heart
Scrapbooking Fonts have hundreds of fonts all helpfully organised into categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
A real treasure trove of free fonts can be found at

I will be next week with a tutorial on how to use fonts to create your own alphas so don't forget to check back there may be a little gift in it for you if you do!

Friday, 24 June 2011

6/24 New Release Friday and a chance to win...

Good morning (or afternoon, depending on where in the world you are !). This week seems to have flown by, and I feel like I have done nothing but spend most of my time at the dentist with the kids !

Before I show you what I have in store this week, I wanted to let you know that my templates will now be made available in PAGE file format to work with Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software. At present, only this week's releases are available in this format but we will be working to convert the remainder of my store over time.

I have another two template packs releasing this week.
 "One and Only"

Some of my CT's amazing pages :


And even more fabulous CT inspiration :


Don't forget, as usual, both packs are 25% off until Monday at each of my stores. 

There is only 1 week left to purchase my Grab Bag collab with Cluster Queen Creations :

This will be unpacked on the 1st July and my packs sold seperately in my store on July 8th. So grab it now while it's still at the amazing price of $4 (for 16 templates !!).

I decided to do a slightly different RAK today - instead of offering a random freebie, I figured it would be nice to actually reward my customers this week. So until Thursday 30th June, everyone who purchases from either store will be entered into a draw to win a coupon. However...the prize coupon is determined by whatever was spent by the winner (so spend $4 - you'll receive a $4 coupon, spend $30 - you'll receive a $30 coupon etc). I'll announce the winner next Friday.

Don't forget to link us up to your pages either here on the blog or on my facebook page, you never know, you could get spotlighted on the blog by Kim. And next week we'll be picking our layout of the month and the winner will get a coupon to my store.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

GSO Thursday 6/23!

Hi everybody! I am excited to be back today to share some more great LGF layouts with you. I am also so happy to say that this is my first GSO post of SUMMER VACATION! My hubby and I are teachers, and it seems like everyone in the WORLD was out of school before us, but we finally made it and I am ready for some RELAXATION! 

Hey, are any of you out there reading the GSO posts? I keep checking back for comments, drop us a note ladies! (thanks to you who have, I love to see them!) 
Better yet, leave us a link in the comments to this post so we can find your layouts using LGF templates! 

Alright, let's get started with this week's picks. I have three stunners for you, and some from new faces, too! 

First off, look at this sweet page from nanienamou. I love all the use of color, but what really impresses me about this page are the incredible shadows, I mean REALLY! Look at the shadow on that ribbon, and on the pink stars! Wonderful!

Our next page this week is this incredible feast for the eyes from akizo using the Now You See Me Template Pack. The colors are awesome, and the combination of paper, drawn and felt elements is visually stunning. SUCH an awesome page!

And finally, look at this creative use of the All By Myself Template Pack from Natascha. This is such a cool photoless page, and all the paper layers are elements just lift right off the background. Love that honest journaling, too!  I think the trees and the camper are just TOO cute!

Okay those are this week's pics...what do you think? Ladies, we thank you so much for buying Andrea's templates and so enjoy seeing what you make with them. We have ONE MORE WEEK of GSO pics before we choose the monthly winner, so get those layouts made and linked up so we can find them! 

Be back next week...when summer vacation is in full swing! ;)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

6/22 Sneak Peek Wednesday

Hi everyone.

Here's a little sneaky peek of what's coming to my stores on Friday.

There is no RAK today but I will be giving away a coupon on Friday so make sure you're back then to find out how to win.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Meet Annisa ...

Hi everyone and welcome back for another insight into my Creative Team. This week I am spotlighting Annisa (aka lionsimba). I love the creative way Annisa uses my templates and every one is a stunner !
How did you get started and how long have you been digiscrapping?
Like many of you, I was a paper scrapper for years. A friend of mine introduced me to digital scrapping in 2007 but I seriously drug my feet and resisted it for almost a year. I finally took the plunge after my family went to Disney World in 2008 and I realized I would never have time to make an album for each of my kids if I paper scrapped the 1,000 + photos. So I jumped into digi and haven't looked back since! 

What advice would you give someone just starting out digi-scrapping? 
When I first started I printed out online tutorials for all sorts of things. I would reference them all the time as it took me a while to really absorb Photoshop and feel comfortable with the program. So I would recommend that a newbie get a manual for their program, read and print tutorials, and get involved in online forums. The more you can learn about your program, the more you'll be able to do on your layouts.

On average, how much time do you spend scrapping each week? 
Hmmm . . . this is a tough one to answer. Rarely does a day pass that I don't do something related to scrapbooking, but sometimes I only have time to browse the galleries and forums. I have three very active kids, so I have to squeeze in my scrapping around them and their needs. I would guesstimate that on average I scrap about 2 hours a day. 

What are your scrapping strengths/weaknesses ?    
Another tough question! I think one of my scrapping strengths is keeping things (photos, ellies, etc.) to scale. When I printed my first few digi pages I realized that buttons, stitches, and other elements look HUGE when printed at 12x12 - MUCH bigger than they look on the computer screen. So I really make an effort to keep things scaled down so they look more realistic when printed. Is that a weird strength? A weakness of mine is actually printing the layouts! I decided to print my layouts in bound books, and so far I've only printed one book - that Disney vacation from 2008. I don't scrap in chronological order, so it's going to take a LONG time before I'm ready to print out lots of books.

Who or what inspires you in the scrapping community? Any person or site in particular that you look to for inspiration?
There are so many talented scrappers it's hard to pick just a few! Honestly, I like to look through all the galleries to find unique layouts and techniques. If I'm struggling for inspiration I'll go to my favorites folder and find something in there to jump start my creativity.

If you could have Andrea create a template pack just for you, what would it be and why? This is easy - double pagers with lots of photos! I have SO many files of photos that are packed with pictures from an event or holiday. I put off scrapping those photos because I don't want to have ten layouts of one day or event. I'd love to get those photos scrapped with some cool double page templates!

What is your favorite LO you have ever done for Little Green Frog Designs?
This is the first layout I ever scrapped with a Little Green Frog template and I simply love how it turned out:
Posted Image
What wish have you not yet fulfilled?  
I have three wishes: 1. Be totally debt-free. 2. Build our family's dream home. 3. Go back to Disney World.

If you could spend a day with anyone (dead or alive, famous or not), who would it be and why ? 
Fame does nothing for me, but family totally does. I would love nothing more than to spend a day with my deceased grandfather and great-grandparents. I miss them so much and wish with all my heart that my children got to know them, too. Thankfully, I'm confident that I will see them again!

If you were invisible for a day - what is the first thing you would do ? 
I have no clue! I don't think I would "spy" on anyone because that would just be weird and I may be troubled by what I'd see and hear. Man, I really don't know! 

Describe yourself in 4 words : nurturing, faithful, ambitious, happy 

What bad habits do you have ? 
I'm a procrastinator, I eat too much late at night, and I push the snooze button at least three times every morning. ;)

Check out Annisa's fab gallery for more inspiration. I'll be back next Tuesday with an interview with Simona. Don't forget to pop back tomorrow for my Sneak Peak and Kim will be back here on Thursday with more Gallery goodness !! 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Today is the day we celebrate all the special men in our lives I hope that you've all got a wonderful day ahead planned and that you will be making special memories with your family.
Here is a Fathers Day Template freebie,(image is linked),for you all from Andrea - why not use it to create a layout to record your fathers day memories.  

I would love to see how you use this template so link me up to your layouts in the comments here and you never know Kim might chose to spotlight you in the Little Green Frog Designs weekly GSO blog feature.