Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Blog is moving.....

Hi All

I've finally got my new blog ready to go so from tomorrow all new blog content will be on the new blog.

You can find it HERE.

I will keep this one running for a little while but there will be no further content.

If you recently posted to my Blog Challenge - please check the comments on the new blog to be sure your comment was carried across. If it wasn't, please can you repost to be sure you're in with a chance to win !

See you all on the other side !! 

Saturday, 3 September 2011

September Blog Challenge and August Blog Challenge Winner

Hi Ladies, Melissa here. It's September, which means I will be celebrating my birthday at the end of the month. In honor of my birthday, I'm going to do the blog challenge a little differently. You will still have a template to use, the only change is, you will also have a recipe to follow. I promise to keep it simple.

The recipe to follow is this:
1. Since September is the 9th month, make a cluster with at least 9 items in it. You can cluster more than once, but I want to see a nine item cluster.
2. My birthday has a 2 in it, so use 2 alphas for the title.
2. My birthday also has a 7 in it, so use 7 papers; 4 solid and 3 patterned, no more, no less. You can get creative with this one, but make sure there are 7 papers.
3. My age has a 3 in it, so use 3 flowers and only 3 flowers. You can duplicate them as many times as you need to, resize them if you want, but only use 3 flowers.
5. My age also has a 6 in it, so journal at least 6 lines. You can do more if you need to.

That's it. Pretty easy, right? Here is the template. Image is linked.

Posted Image

The PAGE files can be downloaded HERE.

My layout using the recipe:Zack-and-Kylee.jpg
Now, here is the moment everyone has been waiting for. The winner of the August Blog Challenge is Wendy!! Here is her awesome layout.Congrats Wendy!!

Please post a link to your layout in the comments section of this post. If you can't post a comment, please PM or email Andrea. I can't wait to see the wonderful layouts everyone makes for this challenge.

Friday, 2 September 2011

9/2 New Releases...

September is here already !! Only 3 days and counting before the kids go back to school - Ellie is chomping at the bit to get back, she's missing her friends and starting to get bored (6 weeks is a pretty long break). Jayden isn't yet showing any signs of worry about starting high school next week but I'm expecting Monday night to be difficult for him - he's a worrier by nature.

Anyway - on to this week's goodies. As you saw from my sneak peek on Tuesday, I teamed up again with Melissa of Cluster Queen Creations to bring you our second template grab bag -
For the Love of Photos Vol. 2

My CT and some of the CT over at Funky Playground had fun playing with this collab - have a look !
While the collab grab bag is perfect for those of you who love to scrap with lots of photos, I also decided to create another pack for those of you who prefer decidedly less photos :)
Purple Sherbet

And some more CT inspiration for you :
The Collab Grab Bag is for sale at the bargain price of $4 - that's only $1 per template pack !! Purple Sherbet will be 25% off until Monday.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the Sneak Peek RAK !! 

The winner of the Collab Grab Bag is :

Anonymous said...Awesome! I also have the templates from the last time you and Melissa created together. Thank you for the chance to win. I know they are going to be fabulous!
31 August 2011 17:44 

And the winner of the Purple Sherbet template pack is :

Dolores said...I'd love to win...thanks for the chance! I'm crossing my fingers as soon as I finish typing! ;-)
30 August 2011 19:22  

Congrats ladies !! Please contact me to receive your coupons.

Hope you have a great weekend - check back tomorrow to find out the winner of the August blog challenge and to see what Melissa has in store for September's challenge !

GSO Thursday 9/1!

It's SEPTEMBER?!?!? How on Earth did THAT happen? Well, here I am FINALLY with this week's GSO post, and so sorry that it is coming so late! You see dear readers, this is my first time making this post now that I am back to work for a new school year. I promised Andrea I could still get it done today, and even though it's still today here in Virginia, it has long since turned into tomorrow where Andrea is, so I guess I don't really know if that counts as keeping my promise or not! 

I am tickled to say that there were TONS of LGF pages in the galleries this week AGAIN! It is SO AWESOME to see so many different interpretations of Andrea's awesome templates. I know I have gotten to the point where I dread scrapping without them ;)

First up this week is a fun and totally unique page from DitaB using a Close to the Edge template. Isn't this cool? The large photo is so cool and the way everything is clustered over it with dramatic shadows makes it look like the monkeys are looking through the forest branches as the people playing. It looks really neat!

Our next page this week is a clean and colorful page with lots of great layers by Akizo using an Endless Days template.  I think the shadows are awesome and I love the grass and arrows. Let's face it...you just don't see a lot of Komodo dragon pages!

Third we have this sweet page from AmieN1 using a Closer to the Edge template. These tender pictures are wonderful, and is the coloring on the photos. Every dad knows there is nothing better than a nap on the couch with a baby on your chest. The poem is wonderful, and I love the title over the large photo. 

And finally, along similar subject lines is this gorgeous page from lraewoo using a Talk to Me Template. This is a really creative use of a journaling template, first of all, and the large picture just broke my heart with sweetness. I love the faded filter over the photo, the title, the subtitle done with tags at the bottom of the photo and the cluster along the top of the photo. That baby is so brand new...and this page has left me aching to meet and hold my baby girl who's making her debut in December. 

A fantastic group this week, wouldn't you say? I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of a new month...and if heading back to school is a part of your life, then here's to a great school year for you and your rascals! I'll be back next week, take care! 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Nifty Fifty Offer for September !

Head on over to my Facebook page and check out September's offer. (It's in the Fan Extra's Section)

Each month, I'll be spotlighting a previous release and offering up a 50% off coupon for it.
This months pick is "Mental Block"

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A Sneak Peek, a RAK and some Funky news !!

Time for a Sneaky Peek of this week's goodies !! 

I've teamed up again with my good friend Melissa of Cluster Queen Creations to bring you a new grab bag !! I've also got a template pack of my own releasing on Friday too. Here's a little look at what you can expect :

Looks good right ? 

Well if you want to be in with a chance of winning either the grab bag or the single template pack, leave me a comment here on the blog. I'll be back to draw two random winners on Friday.

Want another chance to win the grab bag ?? Hop on over to Melissa's blog for another opportunity to win. (Bear in mind we are both in differing time zones so her post may not yet be up so keep checking !!)

And in other news - Funky Playground Designs are having a designer call !! 

Funky Playground Designs is looking for a few designers to join our design team. If you are looking for a store with a fun, supportive environment then look no further than FPD.
Details & Requirements

3 Contract Types Available:
*Exclusive Designer (may have personal store)
*Exclusive Content (one additional store + personal store)
*Non-Exclusive Designer (two additional stores + personal store)

Consignment Fees:
*Exclusive Designer - 15% + $5 monthly server fee
*Exclusive Content - 20% + $5 monthly server fee
*Non-Exclusive Designer - 25% + $5 monthly server fee
(No additional PayPal fees on sales. They are paid from the consignment fees..)

*$50 monthly sales minimum
*Participation in store collabs
*Involvement in FPD forums

*Control over your products/sales/coupons in our x-cart shop
*Designer payments are made twice monthly via PayPal
*FPD offers a private designer forum
*Weekly Newsletter & Blog Post to promote new releases
*Site CT

Ready to apply? Then send the following information to funkyplaygroundcalls@gmail.com

*Your name
*A short bio (please include design and store history)
*The reason you want to join the FPD team
*Links to your current store(s)
*Links to your blog, Facebook Fan Page and/or Twitter account
*3 previews of kits currently available in your store(s)
*a downloadable sample of your work. (Kit designers should include several papers, elements and alphas from at least three different kits. Template designers should include several templates.)
*Any other information you would like us to consider when reviewing your application

All applicants will receive a response when the application has been received. Each application will be carefully reviewed and applicants will be notified when a decision has been made. Because this is such an important decision, a response time cannot be guaranteed.

Application deadline is 12 September 2011

If you're interested - make sure you get that application in !! They are a great bunch of people over there.

Friday, 26 August 2011

8/26 New Releases.....

Already, it's Friday again ! I've spent most of the week buying the kids new school uniforms and got my son's new blazer - him starting high school is finally starting to kick in !! We've still got another week before they head back so planning on a few more little outings next week which should be fun.

I have another two template packs for you this week - I had a lot of fun with these ! First up is :
Endless Days

Have a look what my CT did with these :
And the second template pack is :

Dandelion Green

And some more gorgeousness from my CT ladies :
As usual, both packs are 25% off until Monday.

I'll be back on Tuesday next week with a sneak peek and a RAK so don't miss out on a chance to win some goodies !! 

There is still time to enter my blog challenge - the winner will be chosen at random at the end of the month and announced in September's challenge post.

I will also be posting a new "Nifty Fifty" offer next Thursday - I'd love your thoughts as to which pack you'd like to see for half price throughout September. 

Have a fab weekend !!