Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Simona is in the Spotlight !

Hi everyone and welcome to another team spotlight. This time it's the turn of Simona (aka lightmistress). 

Here's what she had to say :
How did you get started and how long have you been digiscrapping? 
I started in January 2009. I wanted to prepare a special present for Valentine's Day to my bf and I happened to find out about digital scrapbooking. The present was a scrapbooked album of our first vacation together :)

What advice would you give someone just starting out digi-scrapping?
Don't be afraid to do mistakes. We all started from zero and have a lot to learn. Practice will sure make you as perfect as possible. Browse a lot of galleries to "steal" the secrets, shadows, clusters. Read tutorials. Jump in challenges.

On average, how much time do you spend scrapping each week? 
I'd say from 10 to 15 hours per week. I don't scrap during week-ends, those days off work are for my family only.

What are your scrapping strengths/weaknesses ?
Oh my! I don't think I have strengths! But I can tell you what I love doing: clusters! But I often exaggerate with stuff! My weaknesses are easy to say: I can't blend and I can't do extractions.
Who or what inspires you in the scrapping community? Any person or site in particular that you look to for inspiration?
I love browsing galleries and challenges at ScrapMatters mostly. As per persons, there are sure a lot that I eagerly stalk!

If you could have Andrea create a template pack just for you, what would it be and why?
One picture templates! I am mostly a single photo scrapper and when I lack of inspiration a template by Andrea would sure come handy!

What is your favorite LO you have ever done for Little Green Frog Designs?
Probably the last one! This template forced me to journal a little bit, which I do too rarely. And it just looks cute to me :)

Posted Image
What wish have you not yet fulfilled? 
Good question. I don't have real wishes, which means I am pretty lucky as I am, you know. But since I will soon move to another city, my wish is to find a new job as soon as possible. And after that, to adopt a couple kittens for my new house :) And then.. I wish I can keep travelling, a lot.
Did I say I had no wishes?

If you could spend a day with anyone (dead or alive, famous or not), who would it be and why ?
I know I might sound too sugar-y but I'd just love to spend any more days with my bf. We still live in separate cities so any extra day is just that precious to me.

If you were invisible for a day - what is the first thing you would do ?
This is a good question! I don't think I'd anything else than being visible. I could take a short flight somewhere for free and visit a new place! But then I'd need to be visible to do shopping.

Describe yourself in 4 words :
lil' shy (I talk to my cats more than I do to humans), emotional, nervous, sleeper

What bad habits do you have ?
I'm the most lazy (laziest?) person in the world.

For a peek at Simona's gorgeous pages - pop on over to her gallery HERE. Don't forget to leave her some love if you do :) I'll be back next Tuesday to introduce you to Christie. Kim is here on Thursday to announce the Layout of the Month winner - could it be YOU ?? There is still time to link us up to your pages using my templates - post your gallery link in the comments on last week's GSO post and we can check your page out !

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