Friday, 29 July 2011

7/29 It's Friday ~ New Releases ~

Yay - it's Friday ! Which means I've managed to survive Week 1 of the school holidays which even included a 3 boy sleep over (imagine 3 tall 11 year olds with size 10 feet imitating 6 adult elephants lumbering across the floor and you'll understand why I was worried about the integrity of my ceilings !!) Ellie, on the other hand has been quite well behaved thus far although she has grounded me at least twice this week !! 

Anyway, moving on to the real reason you read this blog (I hope ! lol). Here are this week's goodies !! 


Are you ready to see what my CT did with these ? Take a look :
Elbow Room

And here's some more fabulous CT inspiration for you :


 Both packs are 25% off until Monday.

I have really enjoyed seeing your pages using my templates in the galleries - I can't wait to see what you do with these !! You never know, Kim may be highlighting your page on Thursday's GSO post :)

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