Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday School - Photo Actions

Today for school I want to talk to you about photo actions. I only use a basic point and shoot camera and quite often my photos leave a lot to be desired.  This is where photo actions can be worth their weight in gold; they can make a fairly unspectacular photo look much better and more useable.  Another reason I like to use photo actions is to help my photos match the kit I am using. 
Let me show you some examples:
Here is a perfect example of how an action can improve your photographs. My point and shoot camera is fairly useless in low light as you can see here.
However I really wanted to scrap the photos from this character meal. I was able to save them by running an action on them and make them more scrapable.
In this example I wanted to create a layout of my flag family photos from Disney using the kit below. However if you look you'll see that my photos were taken on a bright summers day and the colours were very vivid and did not match the kit at all.
Just by running a simple photo action on them I was able to mute the colours and make them work with the kit perfectly.
The photo below is gorgeous but I really wanted to warm it up to give a sunshiney feel for my layout so again a simple photo action saved the day.
So where do these actions come from? Well I have a couple of places I visit.
My Four Hens is run by Sarah Cornish a professional photographer based in Mystic, CT. Over on her blog and in her shop you will find actions, textures and  along with tutorials, giveaways and lots more. If you haven't discovered My Four Hens yet head over there now you are missing out!
The Coffee Shop Blog is run by Rita a stay-at-home mum with a passion for photography. On Rita's blog you will not only find a whole host of photo actions but lots of other goodies as well; custom storyboards, textures, brushes, patterns and tutorials. The best news of all is that everything on Rita's blog is completely 100% free!

I hope that if you haven't tried using actions on your photos before that my tutorial has inspired you to give it a try. 

Have a Happy Scrappy Week!

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