Thursday, 25 August 2011

GSO Thursday 8/25 and LOTM!

Good morning everybody! I am joining you this week from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on my annual anniversary trip. We love it here and are having a great time, but unfortunately Hurricane Irene is going to send us home a full day early. When you only get a week long trip each year, one day makes a BIG difference, so I am headed back to the beach as soon as possible! 
But's been four weeks since our last Layout of the Month, so it is time for another round of layouts to show off this week and the crowning of the LOTM winner! 
Here are some great pages from the galleries this week. 

First up, here is one from scrappinnewbie using the August Challenge Template at Funky Playground, made by Andrea. This is SO much fun to look at! I love the huge picture of Woody along the side and all the stacked up goodies on the left. The viewfinder wheels and all the different patterned papers come together for a super fun page. 

Next up I want to show off this beautiful two-pager from jennschultz using the Sunset two-pagers. Her combination of purples, pinks, metal elements and greenery is really lovely. There is great balance between the elements and photos across the spread, and it is always SO cool to see great pictures of fireworks!

Our next page this week is this adorable single-photo layout from amy! using an All Layered Up template. I think the page just looks fantastic. I love the polka dotted paper peeking through the split, all the different paper layers behind the photo, the cluster in the top left corner and the arrow she used to point to her necklace in the photo. So fresh and pretty!

And one more this week from tiggernjen using a Sunrise template. Isn't this one fun? I like the purple scallops, the eyeball paper strip going across the page and the little burst-flowers scattered about.

Those are the picks for this I am excited to show you the page that has been selected as our Layout of the MONTH! The winner this month created a page that made outstanding use of elements on the page and creatively interpreted the template. Ready to see it??

Here it is!! 

Thrill Ride by navaja77! She used a Chockablock template, which had the photo and paper layers in place, but she really used elements in her own way to make the template work perfectly for her photos. I love the little tucked in popcorn, the paper flowers all over, the ferris wheel and the split title. I also like how she journaled directly on the background paper instead of using the journaling mat that was in the template because it has a great clean look on her page.

Congratulations Ophelia, and I will be pming you in the next couple of days with your coupon code for an 8 DOLLAR coupon to Andrea's store! 

Okay ladies, that's a month, so next week we start fresh with a new batch of GSO's! Thank you for your continued support of Little Green Frog Designs and for getting your pages into the galleries! 

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