Friday, 2 September 2011

GSO Thursday 9/1!

It's SEPTEMBER?!?!? How on Earth did THAT happen? Well, here I am FINALLY with this week's GSO post, and so sorry that it is coming so late! You see dear readers, this is my first time making this post now that I am back to work for a new school year. I promised Andrea I could still get it done today, and even though it's still today here in Virginia, it has long since turned into tomorrow where Andrea is, so I guess I don't really know if that counts as keeping my promise or not! 

I am tickled to say that there were TONS of LGF pages in the galleries this week AGAIN! It is SO AWESOME to see so many different interpretations of Andrea's awesome templates. I know I have gotten to the point where I dread scrapping without them ;)

First up this week is a fun and totally unique page from DitaB using a Close to the Edge template. Isn't this cool? The large photo is so cool and the way everything is clustered over it with dramatic shadows makes it look like the monkeys are looking through the forest branches as the people playing. It looks really neat!

Our next page this week is a clean and colorful page with lots of great layers by Akizo using an Endless Days template.  I think the shadows are awesome and I love the grass and arrows. Let's face just don't see a lot of Komodo dragon pages!

Third we have this sweet page from AmieN1 using a Closer to the Edge template. These tender pictures are wonderful, and is the coloring on the photos. Every dad knows there is nothing better than a nap on the couch with a baby on your chest. The poem is wonderful, and I love the title over the large photo. 

And finally, along similar subject lines is this gorgeous page from lraewoo using a Talk to Me Template. This is a really creative use of a journaling template, first of all, and the large picture just broke my heart with sweetness. I love the faded filter over the photo, the title, the subtitle done with tags at the bottom of the photo and the cluster along the top of the photo. That baby is so brand new...and this page has left me aching to meet and hold my baby girl who's making her debut in December. 

A fantastic group this week, wouldn't you say? I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of a new month...and if heading back to school is a part of your life, then here's to a great school year for you and your rascals! I'll be back next week, take care! 

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